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           In acidified, demineralization is not due to an inadequate intake of minerals in the diet, but the "looting" of organic minerals used to neutralize excess acids. It is therefore first and foremost, to stop the looting. To do this, you should check the inputs of acids and neutralize and eliminate those that are already in the body.

            Demineralization tissue is sometimes so deep that the inputs of minerals from food are not enough. Much of the food base is used to neutralize the excess acid and the remaining small amounts, can be used to fill the gaps. For the body to rebuild properly, minerals must be brought to him in addition to those made by food.

            These minerals must be easily assimilated. We must therefore choose basic mineral preparations containing mainly basic minerals: Alkaline citrates. Among the most commonly sold in the market, powder or tablets include: Alcagène Alvie * Alkala * Basin * basinette * Erbasit * Mixed bases Flügge * Nimbasit * Rebasit * Mix nutrients Somona. These preparations should be taken with food and a little water. By their abundant supply of alkalis, many acids are thus neutralized and disposal favored. However, I RECOMMEND the prior approval of your doctor ...

            The removal of acid involving the kidneys, it is prudent and even essential, renal dysfunction, or skin problems, notify your doctor that alone may give or refuse consent. Excess activity on fragile bodies can have disastrous consequences! The treatment can last for months. The land deacidifies gradually and remineralization occurs gradually. The dosage of these preparations (after doctor's approval) will be according to the manufacturer's instructions. Additional doses may be necessary in cases of "hiccup", such as excessive consumption of foods high in acid: fruits, tomatoes, sugar, meat etc ...

            Before rushing on basic preparations, however, you should check the urinary pH, remember, must be between 7 and 7.5 (see relevant paragraph: My urine pH). The dose of the bases will be increased or decreased, depending on urinary pH. The action of these preparations is twofold: on one hand they neutralize acids and secondly, they promote remineralization. The action of these bases has increased by a massive elimination of acids. The excretory or "exit doors" acids are the KIDNEY and SKIN. Hence my previous caution reminder ;-))

            For the treatment to be fully effective, it is therefore necessary to enhance the elimination of acids.

            A) KIDNEY: Stimulation of renal work is done most easily by using herbal diuretics: dent-de-lion, artichoke, cherry stems, lime sapwood, bearberry, heather, nettle, hawkweed, ash, Canada fleabane ... These plants are taken as infusions (cherry stems, nettle, linden sapwood) of tincture (hawkweed, Canada fleabane, dent-de-lion, artichoke), tablets (ash heather, bearberry) or juice (nettle-tooth lion, artichoke).

            Taking a diuretic should bring a marked change in the elimination of urine: volume and increased frequency of urination, urine is a darker color and odor increases. If eliminations do not change in this direction, we must increase the dose or change the plants in case of a negative result. As diuretic herbs are not uniformly effective for everyone. The duration of treatment is determined by the result to be obtained. We obviously can not hope to eliminate a few weeks, all the acids accumulated for years!

            B) SKIN: The most effective sweating are obtained by physical exercises. Not only do they cause an increase in body heat, which triggers heavy sweating, but they produce a large blood brewing. Waste so as acids are extracted from tissue depths and taken to the excretory. Sweat is much more loaded waste when passive processes such as hot tub and sauna are used.

            However, for people who can not engage in a sporting activity, the practice of hyperthermic BAINS is recommended. Hyperthermic bath, with fasting, is one of the most effective cleanse deep to drain waste and acidic toxins that saturate the organic field therapeutic procedures. Here's how to hyperthermic bath:

             - Enter in the bath at 37 ° C.

            - Install temperature gradually adding hot water, without heat becomes too strong, it is important to feel comfortable. The water temperature can reach between 39 and 42 ° C or more ...

            - The duration of the bath should be about a quarter of an hour.

            The purpose of these hyperthermic baths, is to bring a lot of heat to the body. It is imperative that the body gets used to the bathroom. We will not hesitate to gradually increase the temperature and duration of the bath, over several weeks. As a precaution and to avoid congestion of the head, you can put a cold washcloth on the forehead. It should not come suddenly in very hot water indeed, the body defends itself against this thermal aggression, closing the pores. They then open slowly, and the good effects that could be expected are largely annihilated.

            Once finished bath, gently out of the water and extends half an hour, wrapped in a linen towel and blanket. This rest allows the body to complete its sweating and regain its balance. Next vitality, you can take a bath every day for two or three weeks, or every other day for several months. The bath is usually taken in the evening, as it relaxes the body and promotes good sleep.

            TO SUM UP: The elimination of accumulated acid in the body, is favored by:

             a) A deep and regular physical activity by oxygen;

            b) Taking basic minerals as a dietary supplement;

            c) The acid drainage from the kidneys and skin.

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